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For a ghetto girl, Bhad Bhabie made peanuts on OnlyFans, but where does that leave her now?

“Have you ever seen someone and thought, ‘They look crazy?'” It is 4:30 p.m. Bhad Bhabie, real name Danielle Bregoli, is comfortably curled up in a cross-legged stance on her big grey velour couch in her just declared Beverly Hills home. Brightly coloured plush cushions and a three-foot plush Pikachu stuffed animal surround her.

‘You ever think about why that person looks crazy? ‘ She says. This phenomenon is known as ‘sonder’. Lookit, you are walking down the street, your walk past some people and you would imagine the individual lives. Here you say,’ What kind of things does this individual crave. Then, what trauma did this individual experience? When I saw the word “Does this person have children?” I was explaining, like, ‘Oh, I know! Now it actually works.’”

Bregoli is talking about what she learned when she went on the episode of Dr. Phil in 2016 for the segment “I Want to Hand Over My 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Steals Cars, Who Threatens with a Knife and Hilariously Twerks It. Bregoli bragged about her outrageousness.


Her response went galloping viral for a brief moment turning her into one of the most-hated personalities in the world wide web. Quilling having had to grudgingly accept her being a meme which could not have been feasible It kick-started her rap career, secured for her millions of Instagram fans, and propel public interest in her new music — as long as she ever hits the studio. It has also powered a go-to account on the subscription-based platform OnlyFans, which she opened six days after the 18 th birthday of her, an seeming allow which put her return back in the handwriting.(What helped, besides making at least $70 million in the process, as her ex-manager claimed, was that she tried it for free.)

However, says Bregoli, what she is thankful the most for, is doing Dr. Phil, and its consequent gift of sonder.

It told me that one should not judge people by the cover they present before people. ‘since I was being nitpicked and condemned and every damn foolish thing.’ I do not just look at people and say, well whoa they look crazy. I look at them like, hm who made them look crazy?

It is almost two weeks left to her 20th birthday and this is her second order by Postmates on the day; it is a turkey and provolone on a massive rye as big as a softball. She puffs from a vape, which she holds precariously on her knees, while dangling her legs – neither drastically offputtingly long ones, but legs still – casually over the vaguely impossibly bent lap of some fumbling man distrait from his phone. (When confronted on him, Bregoli’s manager Dan Roof smiles telling us they are “hanging out”. To say the least had I arrived earlier to the theatre, I can state that they were enjoying Cocaine Bear.)

Bregoli dwells in a trademark mansion in the Woodland Hills suburb of California, which is overflowing with over thirty rare BearBrick toys. Announcing that “These Heaux” debuted as the youngest female rap artist on the Billboard Hot 100, five years ago, and she makes $23.99 a month on OnlyFans for her dimly lit seminudes and, for a higher price, she sends private DMs such as nip slips in the shower.

Most interestingly, creators will go in details to describe the amount of work that they had put into the creation. I get a new bikini or some lingerie and do some pictures,” she says shrugging her shoulders. “I just do whatever I feel,” Bregoli’s nonchalant approach spills over into all she does. When Dr. Phil ends, recorded labels and management firms will become baited; even that, she says, is an option that ‘presented to me and I was like, ‘Fuck it, let’s see.’’ Now, she has freedom to do anything, and anything appeals to her, at least for the very moment, is almost no work at all.

‘She’s just a major freshman college drunk fit in here. She doesn’t have classes. Just Day-Glo Dye, binge drinking, and whatever dumb shit kids are doing,’ says Roof. She just becomes richer.]

Bregoli did not dream about fame when she was little – she was more into cosmetology or nursing if to choose a field to get into. Barbara Ann Bregoli, a former accountant from Brooklyn, raised this girl in Florida; the girl many often talk to her mom, however, Bregoli will block her mom if they fight. Bregoli quips, “She is not some little sweet little woman,” referring to Aunalee. “That lady is mean as fuck” a full body laugh ensues coming from the audience of her peers.”

Only after Bregoli was arrested and faced charges, Barbara decided that it would be a good opportunity to appear on Dr. Phil. Yes, Bregoli’s pranks were more serious than the typical teenagers’, and her later admitting to pleading guilty to grand theft and grand theft auto were a small part of her follies, but she also stated that whatever her audience knew, most of them did not know much about the turmoils that Bregoli underwent at home. She then argues that it contributed directly to her behavior when developing in good fortune.

Thinks those stereotypes that they put on pit bulls? You may find it all in your pear. They will not do anything,” she states, referring to people who got attention after fame. However, let us assume one is a purebred dog breed and some is just torturing it, starving it. And then, they put it in the public’s eye. That is more or less what worked to my advantage.

In attaining notoriety, she lost the rights to determine what was being said about her down to the clothes she would wear when making a public appearance. “One time my old manager saw me, in a ponytail with jeans little hoodie and she was like, ‘Aha, your look right there,’ ” she recalls.“That’s not what I wanted.” (That former manager, Adam Kluger, says this was intended in part not to sexualize her — “The way she was dressed before was, in my opinion, too revealing” — and as a branding tactic: If one thinks of any established artist, what it is that goes through the mind of the public is a broad individual who has retained a fixed look all throughout the first year. Eminem, blond [white tank top].

That lack of control spread even to her first singles — expensive frivolities, from which one can comfortably attribute the famous bratty whisper and the participation of Lil Yachty, Kodak Black, and Lil Baby — in which she liked at the time, and now still makes her used to and cringe. Her music, she says, ‘I hate all my early music’ because the guilty feeling that she makes intolerable the performing these songs. She is not interested in creating new music, she has recorded new songs but she’s not hurry practically speaking to promote her new hits. “I was taken away from it so young that I really don’t want to have to go back to these jobs anymore”, my older sister says, “I just want to party, play, go out with my friends”.

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