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MERN Stack vs. Laravel: What’s Better and Why?

In the arena of web development, Laravel and MERN stack are two of the most popular approaches. Both of these tech stacks come with specific use cases and positives, putting the business owners in a dilemma to decide whether to hire a Laravel or MERN stack developer. 

For everyone new to these two tech stacks, Laravel is a full-stack PHP framework, whereas MERN stack is the combination of four crucial JS technologies. Both have their technical profoundness in supporting flexible web app development. 

But, to help you be sure about what would work well for your project, you must learn the differences between them. Therefore, this article intends to educate you on the differences between Laravel and MERN Stack development.

Read along this article till the end, and you will end up having the best performing and highly responsive web app. 

What is the Significance of MERN Stack and Laravel?

Before diving deeper into the differences between MERN Stack and Laravel, let’s try and understand their significances, which include:

MERN Stack:

MERN full stack  developer comprises four key JS technologies, which include MongoDB, ReactJS, ExpressJS and NodeJS. When these four technologies combine, it enables the developers to initiate the process of building scalable and dynamic web apps. 

For you to better understand the MERN stack, here is a brief insight into what each of the technologies brings to the table:

  • MongoDB is not a SQL database. 
  • NodeJS is the JS runtime for experts to handle server-side development. 
  • ReactJS is the JS library meant for building an intuitive UI. 
  • ExpressJS is the web app framework that supports the development process of NodeJS. 

The overall strength of MERN stack development is housed within the JS approach, enabling seamless communication between both the backend as well as frontend, which streamlines the overall development process. 

Laravel Development:

Laravel is among the most preferred PHP frameworks that is popular for its streamlined syntax and a perfectly curated environment for developers. It comes with the MVC architecture and also offers the developers specific tools for templating and routing. 

The experts at Laravel development company will use its robust ecosystem to speed up the overall process of building your web apps. Thus, faster time to market is one of the many reasons why Laravel is a popular framework for building web apps for businesses. 

What are the Potential Differences Between Laravel and MERN Stack?

Developing a web app with mern stack  for your business is a big decision! So, choosing the right technology stack is paramount. In the quest to choose the best technological solutions, you will definitely find Laravel and MERN stack to be part of your shortlisted options. But which one would be best for your project requirements?

Well, to decide whether you should hire a MERN full-stack developer or a Laravel developer, you must get an insight into the differences between them. Below are some of the differences between the two, based on specific factors:

1. Performance & Scalability

Laravel has the capability of providing you with exceptional performance for the PHP apps, and is suitable for diverse projects. Not just that, but you can also expect to scale your web apps in the long run with Laravel’s queuing, database query optimization and caching techniques. Not only that, but Laravel Horizon also supports you in managing scalable apps. 

MERN stack on the other hand, leverages the potential of NodeJS for invoking server-side development, popular for the scalability needs. NodeJS comes with an event-driven and non-blocking architecture, which allows you to handle a high count of concurrent connections. Following that, MongoDB in this tech stack also supports your horizontal scalability needs by backing the integration of data-intensive web apps. 

2. ORM & Database Integration

Laravel offers you Eloquent ORM, which helps you simplify the database operations for your web app using an expressive syntax. The developers will have the ability to seek database interactions with the use of dedicated object-oriented methods. Thus, performing common tasks such as updating or querying records will be easier. In accordance with that, the database migration feasibility of Laravel further assists you with schema management. 

On the other hand, a full-stack MERN developer will use MongoDB as a document-specific data model for database operations. There’s an ODM library for NodeJS and MongoDB, Mongoose, which helps developers facilitate database operations in an extremely structured manner. MERN stack’s approach towards databases is free from any schema, which makes it fit well for the JS apps. 

3. Architecture & Design

Laravel, being a popular development framework, uses MVC architecture which works on clean separation. With this framework, your developers will adopt an opinionated route to build web apps. Conventions will be provided for enhancing your developer productivity. The design philosophy of Laravel comes with an expressive syntax and works with a maintainable code. 

MERN stack developers praise the flexible architecture of the technology solution, with each component having a specific purpose. ExpressJS invokes a minimalistic framework for you to build web apps, whereas ReactJS helps you create unique UI components. The design philosophy of the MERN stack is to support the developers with the flexibility of choosing the right tools that will fit the project requirements. 

4. Language Preferred

Laravel is built on PHP and is part of its extensive ecosystem. The developers make use of package manager by PHP to further scale the capabilities of Laravel. Your developers will be provided with diverse third-party tools and libraries to craft the web app project accordingly. There’s an Artisan command-line tool for automating various tasks and adding more sophistication to the development workflow. 

MERN stack is completely engrossed within the JavaScript environment. NodeJS, an important component of this stack, will help enable server-side development. Following that, there’s NPM (Node Package Manager), which further allows the developers to integrate tools and libraries into diverse projects. As JS is being used throughout this tech stack, developers can leverage code consistency and reusability. 

Parting Words

With this, you now have an insightful knowledge of what differs Laravel and MERN stack as web development approaches. You must impose careful considerations by aligning the efficacies of these technology solutions with your project needs, development preferences and team expertise. 

MERN full stack comes with a JavaScript-focused approach, whereas Laravel boasts its PHP ecosystem. Both are equally efficient for running high-performance web apps. So, take the help of experts or run your analysis based on the differences specified above to decide what’s a better pick for you! 

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