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ARK: Survival Evolved (2017) – Let’s Talk Graphics: The Banners and Icons

Gamers worldwide have come to love ARK: Ark, an open-world adventure PC game created by Studio Wildcard, for its flora and animals. Apart from the fascinating narrative, the game design offers the players an immersive and captivating experience of the world of ARK when they traverse the futuristic settings full of prehistoric animals and terrifying predators. With a closer look at the icons and banners, this article provides insight into the methods used to create the majority of the UI of the ARK game.

The Iconic Logo

The logo is the heart and soul of the game, and ARK uses it as a main visual component that drives its whole design. A stylized composite of a Tyrannosaurus Rex jaw, whose teeth are visible in the picture twisted in a fierce snarl, serves as symbolic meaning to the logo. The game is much enhanced by this violent and deadly environment, which captures the archaic atmosphere and the challenges players should anticipate in such circumstances right away.

Icons for Games The combination of animals shown in ARK is a fairly intriguing feature of the game; maintaining their uniqueness and attractiveness has always been difficult when translated from idea to production.

Beyond the well-known logo, ARK: A further remarkable aspect of Survival Evolved is the profusion of game symbols, the range of which serves to express the alphabet of the game and revitalize the game world with different animals. Every one of them is incredibly talented and captures the essence and characteristics of the dinosaurs, extinct animals, and characters from the made-up gaming universe.

Observation of Details and Realism

Generally speaking, they are highly detailed and well-designed, and the realistic element has received a lot of attention from the author. The lizard-like body motions are modelled to the smallest detail, the dinosaurs’ scales and skin layers are faithfully reproduced, and the predators’ postures and facial expressions amply demonstrate the developers’ love of realism. Players who start the game will be able to identify with the creatures they will probably encounter, which makes them feel more like they are in the game.

A Multicultural Celebration

ARK game icons stand for amazing diversity by capturing the game’s fauna with unadulterated energy and flair. Even if one contrasts the gentle yet strong Brontosaurus with the sly and quick Velociraptor, the enormous and fearsome Spinosaurus, or the enchanted Wyvern, each of these magnificent species offers a peek at their personalities. In fact, the variety and breadth of themes that players must eradicate are highlighted by this vibrant ensemble, which also makes a great aesthetic contribution to the game.

Integrated and Ambient Banners

Real paintings and the banners of ARK transport players to the depths of the game and create the mood of the gaming environment. They are not just basic images on a piece of cloth. Each banner most dramatically and truly depicts different temperature zones, starting with lush and full-of-life jungles where life g-surges to desolate and harsh deserts where no plant grows, from snowy mountain peaks to dark deep sea.

Visual Storytelling

Apart from its obvious irony, banners in ARK are literary devices that convey the game’s plot and illustrate its ideas. What these banners inspire players to do is explore ARK mythology and legends, whether they are fighting strong opponents, regaining territory, or just looking for island secrets.

Study of the visual identity of ARK: the main conclusions

  • are a recognizable and powerful emblem of the head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Amazingly created game logo with flawless representation of game characters.
  • Symbolic and icon typefaces, Details and efforts to mimic actual events should receive more attention.
  • It emphasizes how much fun the game is and how many different creatures there are.
  • The large format captivates and establishes the atmosphere of several biomes
  • The idea of using what is here called banner narratives to enhance the usage of written messages with images in banners.


 Ark: The visual concept of Survival Evolved is a prime illustration of the value of art and design in the gaming industry, as it is with many other games with the title “Survival.” The logo, the styled and accurate game symbols, and the captivating and utterly captivating banners are just a few of the elements that contribute to creating the magnificent image that transports players to the prehistoric world of the game. In this case, a wide perspective improves the gameplay. It highlights the epic and spectacular nature of the trip that takes players through various settings, meetings with powerful animals, and the unresolved mysteries of the past.

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