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Uncovering the “Underwear as Outerwear” Fashion Trend in 2024

The “underwear as outerwear” trend is one of the latest fashion fads. This style has been spotted on runways around the world and is likely to become even more popular in spring and summer 2024. Find out more about the origins of this trend and draw inspiration from some notable looks from recent runway shows. We also offer tips for wearing underwear as outerwear and suggestions for where to find stylish lace bras and undies that you will want to show off.

Where Did the Trend Originate

The latest resurgence of the look of wearing underwear as outerwear originated at the runway shows of trendsetting labels such as Miu Miu, Loewe and Prada. While this history of this style dates as far back as the 16th and 17th centuries, the most recent revival goes beyond the bold underwear-inspired looks of the late 1960s.

Fashionable underwear has been an undercurrent for most of the 21st century, as indicated by the bejeweled underwear featured on the television show “Sex and the City” in 2001. Over subsequent decades, form-fitting athleisure superseded this style. This year, fashionable bras and underwear are back, whether these pieces are worn alone or layered under sheer garments or long coats.

Miu Miu underwear

Seen on the Runway

The current underwear as outerwear trend started in spring and summer 2024 fashion shows which were reported on in print and digital magazines. Some of the most notable recent looks include a $5,600 pair of gold sequin Miu Miu underwear and matching metallic sets by Stella McCartney. Ribbed Loewe briefs and knitted underwear by Victoria Beckham are also inspiring fits and textures.

These costly pieces have set a precedent for the latest releases from leading underwear brands. You can evoke these looks in a pair of high-waisted organic cotton underwear women. Choose from a range of bra and underwear materials, textures and colors to get the perfect pieces to complete stylish underwear as outerwear ensembles.

How To Wear This Trend

You should factor in comfort when selecting underwear to wear as outerwear. One of the best ways to build confidence with this trend is to try wearing a bralette under a layer such as a cardigan or coat. Wearing briefs as pants could be more appealing when temperatures rise in the spring and summer months.

If you prefer to show off your underwear while wearing clothing, consider sheer or mesh cover ups. These pieces make it easier to show off bras that lift and separate and stylish underwear. Based on your fashion sense, you can opt for matching or contrasting accents.

Find the Best Fashion Pieces

While you can choose to wear any style of bra or underwear as a fashion piece, unique colors, textures and patterns are more likely to stand out. Shop for long-line bralettes, lace bras, high-waisted briefs and other trendy undergarments that provide a perfect fit. A brand that offers bras and underwear in a full range of designs, materials and sizes can make the underwear as outerwear trend accessible to everyone.

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