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Next Level Dog Food: An Exhaustive Evaluation

In search of a dog product that exceeds conventional standards? Your canine companion might be an excellent candidate for Next Level Dog Food. By employing a scientific methodology, this brand provides a diverse selection of formulations that accommodate various life phases and levels of physical activity in canines.

Line of Products and AAFCO Compliance

Each of the six dog food formulas provided by Next Level exceeds the standards set forth by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).  These principles guarantee that the food satisfies the dietary requirements of your canine companion throughout different phases of life:

  • Develop (puppy)
  • Adult maintenance is a All Supplemental or Unspecified Life Stages
  • Whether you own a senior dog or a lively puppy, Next Level has a formulation to meet their specific nutritional requirements.

Exploration of the Next Level Maturity of the Giant Breed

In order to evaluate the quality of Next Level Dog Food, an examination of the Next Level Giant Breed Mature Adult formula’s ingredients and analysis will be conducted.  It was determined that this formulation best exemplified the entire product portfolio.

Composition Analysis of Ingredients

Next Level Giant Breed Mature Adult begins with a few ingredients that establish a positive tone:

  • Chicken meal is an exceptionally concentrated protein source that nourishes your dog with vital amino acids.
  • A complex carbohydrate that provides sustained energy is brown rice.
  • A gluten-free grain with a moderate profile of nutrients, sorghum.
  • Ground rice is an additional carbohydrate source that some canines can metabolize.
  • Peas are an excellent source of fiber and carbohydrates, in addition to protein, which contributes to the overall protein content.

As we descend the list, we come across several noteworthy inclusions:

Hydrolyzed whole chicken is an ideal protein source for canines with sensitivities due to its hypoallergenic nature.

Beet pulp is a fiber-rich food that may provide digestive and blood sugar regulation benefits. Although it is deemed filler by some, its incorporation in moderate quantities appears to be acceptable.

Moisturized Yeast: Some contend that its high protein and nutrient content facilitates digestion and repels parasites. But allergies remain a potential complication.

Supplements and advantageous additions such as chelated minerals (for improved absorption), probiotics (for digestive health), taurine (for cardiac function), and chicory root (to promote healthy flora growth) are further detailed in the ingredient list.

Comprehensive Nutrient Analysis

On the basis of its ingredient list, Next Level Giant Breed Mature Adult seems to be a dry dog food of average quality. The analysis indicates:

  1. Protein by dry matter: 27.8%
  2. Fat: 11.1%
  3. 53.1% Carbohydrates—Estimated

When considering the entire Next Level product line, it is observed that the mean protein content is 28.8%, while the mean fat content is 15.2%. This results in approximately 48% carbohydrates and 52% fat to protein in the total formulation.

When comparing Next Level to other dry dog diets, its protein, carbohydrate, and lipid compositions are all within the average range.

Recall Background

As of May 2024, no recalls of Next Level Dog Food have been officially reported. This is an encouraging indication that the brand upholds rigorous quality control and safety protocols.


Different formulations of Next Level companion Food adhere to a scientifically supported approach to canine nutrition in order to meet the specific requirements of each companion. Although Next Level contains protein, fat, and carbohydrates in amounts that are typical for dry dog food, its incorporation of premium ingredients, advantageous supplements, and impeccable recall record establishes it as an appealing option for pet owners in search of a dependable and comprehensive food alternative for their canine companions.

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