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The Best Fire Safety Devices for Your Home

There are more than 30,000 house fires a year in the UK, causing property damage, distress and serious injury. Although your home insurance may cover damage caused by a fire, it can never return sentimental items or the life of a loved one.

Fire safety is an incredibly important topic that perhaps doesn’t get spoken about enough. While everyone is aware of potential fire risks, few have the right safety measures in place. Most modern homes come fitted with an alarm of some kind, but there are many other safety tools which can make a big difference in the event of an emergency. Here are some of the best fire safety devices you should have in your home.

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are incredibly cost-effective fire safety devices which can be used in case of an emergency. They’re simple to use, and will put out most small fires relatively quickly. You can find excellent quality fire blankets at RS, with many sizes to choose from. The blanket is made from a fire-retardant material, and when placed over a fire, it extinguishes it by removing oxygen. As long as the fire is completely covered by the blanket, it won’t have enough oxygen to burn.

You can use a fire blanket in a variety of settings but they’re particularly well suited to the kitchen. This is where the majority of fires start, usually by boiling oil or leaving a hot stove unattended. If a fire breaks out in the kitchen, you should have a fire blanket in reach to throw over the fire.

The other good feature of a fire blanket is that it’s very easy to store. They’re compacted into a small package, which is then fixed to the wall. That way, they’re always in reach and easy to access in case of an emergency. They don’t require special training, and the instructions are provided on the blanket.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are crucial in any home, providing an early warning system of fires when they first break out. They work by emitting a small amount of harmless radiation which is detected by a sensor. When smoke passes between the emitter and the sensor, it blocks the radiation, which triggers the alarm.

If you can stop a fire before it has a chance to spread, the damage it causes will be limited. The alarm will help you notice a fire early if it’s spreading in another room, and this will mean you can either put it out using a fire blanket or extinguisher. Alternatively, you may find that the fire has already spread too much, in which case you should evacuate everyone before it’s too late.

You should have a smoke alarm in most areas of your home, including the kitchen, hallway and upstairs landing. This will ensure good coverage of the whole house, ensuring that no matter where it starts, you’ll have an early warning. Once the alarm is triggered, it’s very loud, meaning that it’s hard to miss even if you’re fast asleep.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are specialised tools which are designed to put out fires in case of an emergency. Most homes don’t have their own extinguisher, but they’re worth investing in if you want peace of mind.

There are several different types of fire extinguishers, which are best suited to different situations. For example, a water extinguisher is best used for a regular fire, while an electrical or oil fire should use a powder or CO2 extinguisher.

If you do buy an extinguisher for your home, ensure you know how to use it and the correct situations in which it can be used. It should also be tested regularly.

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