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Not On The High Street: Celebrating Moments, Supporting Small Businesses

Welcome to Not On The High Street, a special place where great gifts and small business magic meet. Here you can find unique shopping experience. In a world with normal things, we try to make each moment amazing by enjoying the big and little moments of life with some magic.

Epic Gifts for Every Occasion

Life is a bunch of moments, big and small. They make our path in life. Not On The High Street is all about making each of these moments special. We think every special event like a birthday, wedding or even bad hair should be turned into something fun.

Our chosen collection of gifts shows our dedication to being special and caring. Our marketplace is filled with special things like cute baubles and beautiful handmade goods. It’s full of items that are more than just plain old stuff. We know how big life is, and our presents are made for more happiness in every moment.

Stress-Free Shopping Experience

Shopping should be fun, not a problem. At Not On The High Street, we have picked out a shopping experience without stress to make sure you find the perfect present easily. Our website has easy ways to pay, cool gift choices and the best part is quick delivery for no cost. We believe in the power of now, so buy today and get it tomorrow.

The hard days of thinking about the best present are long gone. Our easy-to-use website and sorted things make it a simple job for everyone. If you need a surprise at the last minute or are planning ahead, Not On The High Street has everything under control.

A Place for Dreams of Little Businesses.

What makes us different is that we focus on helping small businesses. We are happy to have more than 5,000 small businesses in our area. Each one plays a part in making the marketplace special. Everything you see on our site has been made, chosen or designed by someone who is running their small business dream.

Our commitment to little businesses is not just about giving a space. Every company shown on Not On The High Street is chosen by our team of people who choose businesses. They carefully pick each one themselves. This makes sure that every thing is not just something to buy but a tale, made with love and realness.

Hand-Selected Creative Entrepreneurs

In a world filled with choices, we know the worth of being real. We really mean it when we say that helping creative business owners is important to us. It’s not just empty talk. Every little business on Not On The High Street has been carefully chosen. This makes sure they are the real thing.

We are happy to support these business owners all the time. By giving them a place, we make them able to show their creativity worldwide. When you shop with us, it’s not just about getting a thing. You are putting money into your wish.

Not Just Any Marketplace

Not On The High Street is not just a store; it’s also like home where uniqueness and creativity are loved. Our job is to assist everyone in enjoying life’s big and small events with amazing gifts. For big birthdays and days to adopt dogs, we’ve made a list that matches the different parts of life.

We know that every moment is a chance to show our feelings. That’s why our marketplace shows the wide range of human experiences. We’re not just here to sell; we want to be a part of your journey, adding some fun and excitement.

Join Us in Celebrating Life

If you like working in a group and fast place with change, Not On The High Street might be the best for you. We’re not just giving a job; we’re providing the chance to do what you enjoy. If you’re a creative person, someone who thinks carefully about plans or likes to turn ideas into reality we want you on our team. Come join us!

By joining Not On The High Street, you join a group that loves life in every way. We accept everything from birthday celebrations to bad hair, with special presents and snacks. Our market is not just for sales; it’s a place to help over 5,000 little businesses grow. Each one adds its bit of imagination making things interesting.

How We Work

We know at Not On The High Street that work is a very important part of life. Our aim is to help our people so we can make sure their jobs line up well with their lives. We always change how we work to make a place that helps us be creative, team up and win.

Now, we are trying out various ways of working. Our main focus is on doing things from home first. We think that teamwork and working together are strong, so we meet in London for important times. Our easy-to-use method makes sure that your job fits you well.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

For us, diversity and inclusion are more than just words; they’re very important to our beliefs. Our Diversity Group is trying to bring people together and make them stronger. They want to help colleagues, customers, and partners feel part of the group that are not often seen or heard from.

Not On The High Street is a place where anyone can come, no matter who they are or what background they have. We support different ideas and think it’s the best way to find new creativity. If you agree with what we believe, then join our group where everyone is welcome.

Besides our group for diversity, we also have small groups that are connected with money of their own. These teams are very important to help and improve our diversity, equity and inclusion plan. We know that real diversity is more than just counting people; it’s about making a place where everyone feels important, listened to and strong.

Employee Benefits That Matter

At Not On The High Street, we think it’s important to look after our workers. We know life is a trip with highs and lows. We’re here to help you through it all. Our full set of benefits shows that we care about the health and joy of our workers.

EV Scheme

Our promise to take care of the planet includes a new electric car plan from OctopusEV. This plan works like you give up part of your salary. It lets you choose a more eco-friendly way to get around town.

Work From Anywhere Policy

We know how important flexibility is in today’s busy world. Our “Work from Anywhere” rule lets you work away from your usual job place for two months each year. If you get ideas in a busy city or quiet countryside, we want to work where you feel most efficient.


Life is hard to guess, and we’re here for you when things get difficult. We help with medical leave, loss of pregnancy and menopause time off. We think that looking after your health is very important for a successful and happy group.

Religious Festival Leave

We celebrate diversity in every way. Our Religious Holiday policy lets you swap the Christian UK bank holidays for personal religious celebrations during the year. We want you to feel strong when showing off your culture and traditions.


Your health is our priority. Not On The High Street has a Bupa health insurance plan you can sign up for. This makes sure you get good care when it is needed. We also offer life insurance to make you and your family feel safe. We are dedicated to mental health and provide free help for it through spill.

Primary and Secondary Career Leave

Doing both work and family can be hard, but we’re here to help you. Our main and extra care leave rules are made so you can focus on your family first without putting your job growth at risk.

Join Not On The High Street.

If you like busy places, enjoy different people and are excited about life’s special times, Not On The High Street is a great place for you. We’re not just a store; we believe in the power of special gifts to make every moment different.

We care about small companies, creative people starting businesses and having a variety of workers. This makes us stand out. We’re not just giving a job, we’re providing the chance to be part of something big and special. This thing honors all parts that make up human life experiences.

Come to Not On The High Street with us every day is a party, and each present has its own special tale. Join a group that likes you as an individual, helps your development and thinks small businesses are special.

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