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The Complete Guide to Ironing Different Types of Fabrics

The procedure of ironing clothes needs to be observed as it depends on several factors like ideal temperature and most importantly the fabric type. In short, the entire ironing process can be changed according to the fabric. The more sensitive the fabric is, the less should be the temperature of your iron.

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Now, if you want to learn the proper technique to iron different types of fabric without damaging them, then continue reading below:


Cotton is the fabric which comes into people’s mind as the primary option when they want to buy some incredible outfits all because of its comfort and durability and if you want to learn how to iron cotton fabric well, the procedure is simple.

Lay your outfit on a flat surface and apply a little spray of water on the entire area. Then, turn on your iron and set the temperature on medium to high heat. If you’re thinking, why applying a spray of water is necessary, the reason is that the damp surface will give your fabric a smooth look after you finish ironing.


Linen fabrics have a little bit of a sensitive nature as compared to cotton fabrics and the entire ironing process changes because of that. But don’t panic, you don’t need to put in extra effort, just a simple technique will do the job.

These fabrics can get wrinkles easily which is one of the main concerns while maintaining its quality. 

The one thing you need to change while ironing linen fabric is to put a damp cloth on your fabric first and then apply the iron set on high heat temperature.


When it comes to ironing the silk fabric, everyone knows that its nature is sensitive and requires a gentle approach throughout the process. First, you must choose the low heat setting of your iron and just before applying it, turn the fabric inside out to protect the outer structure.

Now, place a cloth in between the iron and your silk outfit to prevent direct contact as it can damage your clothes pretty badly. 

Just remember that when you’re gliding the iron on the fabric, don’t put much pressure, move the iron with soft hands.


Wool fabrics are perfect for winter seasons as they offer a warm feel upon wearing them and certain measures must be taken when the time comes to iron them. Any small mistake and the entire ironing process will go wrong.

So, you can start by setting the temperature of your iron at low heat and remember to place a cloth in between to avoid all the chances of your fabric getting scorched. It would be best to turn your fabric inside out to keep it more durable after the ironing.


People who opt to wear polyester fabrics are safe from one common hurdle, which is that the fabric is safe from wrinkles. It means that when you go on to iron them, you won’t face any difficulty. 

All you need to do is set your iron from low to medium heat and turn your fabric inside out to keep your fabric safe from any kind of damage. 

Make one thing clear the polyester fabric should be kept safe from high heat all the time because the damage you’ll sustain would be unbearable.

Before You Go

Ironing your clothes seems to be an easy job theoretically, but when it comes to the practical, you’ll face many complications like what heat temperature to choose and most importantly, what is the fabric type. But don’t worry, the guides mentioned above will assist you in every aspect.

For instance, if it’s a cotton fabric, then the temperature of your iron should be high and a little spray of water on the outfit will help in removing all the wrinkles. 

But if it’s a sensitive fabric like silk, then your iron should be set at a low heat temperature and a cloth must be put between the iron and the fabric to prevent all the chances of sustaining damage.

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