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Lo-Manthang; the Forbidden Fantasy Land

Upper Mustang stand out as one of the best trekking destination of the world. Upper Mustang trekking was opened after 1992 for the international visitor. Before 1992 the region was restricted to visit and was isolated from the touch of outside world. Due to its isolation the region fostered its unique culture closely tied up with Tibet. Regardless of modernization with luxury hotels, guest houses the kingdom of Lo-Manthang is committed to preserving its rich cultural heritage alongside accepting modern amenities. This region is gaining popularity yet the isolation during past holds lots of mystery and remains less explored destination on Nepal. Either you go for Yara ghara trekking or Upper Mustang jeep tour the region has diverse way to make your journey captivating.

The ancient Trans Himalayan route in order to trade salt with Tibet passing through lap of mountain, the landscape has distinctive Tibetan feel to it. The culture, tradition, people and Chorten, Mani walls, prayer flags and more. The white wash houses and narrow alleys, unusual colorful rock formation, cave dwellings, monasteries takes you back in time. The dry and arid landscape in the rain shadow of Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri Mountains hold monasteries dating back to 12-14 century. The deep gorges, the Sija Jong cave chiseled by hand, ancient monasteries takes you to an era when people used trade salt between Tibet and Nepal. The caves used to be place to reside, mediate and more by the inhabitants back in time.

Lo-Manthang gate way to mysterious world of vanishing mountains, the Upper Mustang Trekking with Yara and Ghara. While discovering the mysterious culture you will find yourself in landscape that will make you question whether you are in a dream? The mystery Sija dzong cave, Chusi cave dwellings high up in the cliffs which are manmade and about 5-6 storey high. The multi storey caves of Yara were chiseled by hand, by the very first settlers of the region thousand years ago. Entering cave with steep ladder up the cave passing from storey to storey you will see these caves harvest secrets from the past. Walking through arid and dry landscape a small surprise of greenery will always be there to welcome you. The green farms of apple, pears will amaze you as stated above the dry land holding such greenery. The land feels like piece of heaven on earth.

While exploring such manmade caves, oddly amazing rock formation, monastery dating back to centuries and having close insight on the culture and tradition you will realize the local people’s faith in Buddhism. Monasteries like Ghar Gompa, Luri Gompa, Chele monastery, Thrangu Tashi Choling Monastery Ghiling and many other monastery, all of them were built in 14th, 15th, 10th century. Such monastery not only offer glimpse of rich culture, religion, faith but also provide great environment for meditation and lot of self-realization.

Being a restricted areas any visitor needs a restricted area permit in order to visit the Forbidden Kingdom of Lo. The place is one of the Nepal’s most preserved region and many local people of Lo-Manthang speaks Tibetan language as well. Starting from the capital dusty Kathmandu you reach Pokhara first either by flight or by road. Pokhara is a city on side of Lake Phewa in central Nepal, also known as the gateway to Annapurna base camp trekking, and ending point for Annapurna Circuit trekking the two very popular trail in the Himalayas of Nepal. From Pokhara you will move towards a small town named Jomsom alongside Kagbeni River. You do have fight access to Jomsom as well. As you ascend through the trail you will experience a dramatic change in the landscape. The vibrant greenery goes through dry and arid landscape creating strange ambience.

Wrapping up Upper Mustang region is accessible easily with comfort and few luxury stays. You can either trek, drive of jeeps, hike and drive, or even ride motorcycle in order to get there. Every way of your visit will definitely be an amazing experience. The memories crafted during your Upper Mustang trip will be your irresistible attraction for nature and solidify your spirit of exploration. As this trip comes to an end the mountains and experience will be in your heart inviting you to explore more of what awaits in Nepalese Himalayas.

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