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Northern Raised: Savor the Taste of Ontario’s Pristine Farms

Meet your meat farmers from Northern Ontario. Northern Raised connects customers to small farms that raise animals the right way.

The cattle, chickens, pigs, and lambs spend their days outside in open pastures. They eat only natural foods and get no added hormones or antibiotics. By ordering online, you support local growers who care for the land and animals.

Your meat is butchered fresh and shipped straight to your door, so every bite tastes of the pristine countryside.

About Northern Raised

Northern Raised makes it easy to enjoy meat from humane farms. At these farms, animals roam open pastures instead of cramped pens. Cattle, pigs, chickens and lambs eat only grass and other natural foods. Farmers carefully rotate animals to keep the land healthy.

After growing outdoors, livestock go to nearby processors. Then the fresh cuts arrive at your door within days! You can order mixt boxes with beef, pork and poultry. Or choose individual steaks, chops, and more. All animals live happily and no drugs or extras are added.

Through Northern Raised, families keep raising animals and you get to know the farmers. Their website shares stories of each special place, too. Supporting them helps local food and caring people.

How Does It Work?

Here are the key steps in how Northern Raised works:

  • You Pick Your Meats

Choose from their recipe boxes filled with different proteins. Or create your own by picking individual steak, chops and more.

  • The Pack It Up

Northern Raised gathers your choices from local farms. The meats are butchered, packaged fresh, and iced for shipping.

  • To Your Door, It Comes!

Your box of farm-fresh cuts arrives at home within days. Everything stays cold and safe during delivery.

  • Keep Coming Back

Sign up to get boxes regularly. Or order just once to support Ontario’s small farmers. Either way, you’ll love the tasty meats raised with care.

So simple to get real, local meat! Northern Raised does the finding, packing, and shipping for you.

Why Choose Northern Raised?

Here are the key reasons to choose Northern Raised in clear, easy-to-understand terms:

  • You Know Where It’s From

Their website shows you pictures and stories of actual farms. Northern Raised is real about how animals live and what they eat.

  • Delivery Works For You

Meats come when it works best – weekly, monthly, or just once. Shipping dates are flexible to fit your schedule.

  • The Animals Come First

Farms treat cattle, pigs and all with kindness. Animals get to be outside every day in big, open spaces.

  • Your Money Matters Too

Smaller farms stay in business thanks to customers. When you order, you’re helping families up north, plus getting super fresh food!

Northern Raised makes choosing meat simple. You feel good knowing the story behind every bite.


Thanks to Northern Raised, enjoying meat has never been easier or more satisfying.

You can savor the robust flavors of cattle raised on open pastures and chickens that forage natural foods with them. Each bite tastes of fresh countryside air and humane family values.

Support farming traditions that nourish both people and land. Discover how Northern Raised puts you in touch with the places and people behind your food.


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