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Illuminating Bristol: Magical Trip Down Memory Lane with Bristol Light Festival at Cabot Circus

Be ready to be captivated as Bristol abuzz with lively sparkling beauties in the night scene of the Bristol Light Festival, radiating jubilant spectacles of light and sound accompanied by colors that will enthrall the festival from 1st February till 11th January2024. The city will then turn into a magical pageantry with spectacular displays on artistry which shall spell beauty to the captivated audience, from 5 pm till 10pm every night.

At the center of this glorious festivity is Cabot Circus’s official artwork, ‘Elysian Dirge’ by Atelier Sisu, among the Canary Wharf triangle. This installation is a beautiful place rich with features like these giant illuminated arches that make people feel something not this mundane type of arch but the one they cannot forget. These arches pass over and under which the guests can wander through the magical world of light.

This dreaming twinkle-lit wonder runs through Cabot Circus as well, so make it your starting and ending point. For your hot beverage on the road, visit Pret A Manger, Costa Coffee or SOHO. For perfect evening deserts, drop ore the restaurant with family focus; for example Nando’s Zizzi, Côte and L’Osteria at Quakers Friars are there. You can have a meal while enjoying the art installation too.

Family-Friendly Fun

Apart from the fact that Cabot Circus is an Art theater, it can also provide a platform for family entertainments. Filled with exhilarating pop-up shops, pit stops and accessible toilet facilities, there are many activities to occupy the kiddos. In addition to that, in case of a sudden weather change, everyone is forced to take shelter at Cabot Circus; ( then it will help.)

If you are going in from outside the city then take advantage of discounts on Bristol hotels participating in the festival by giving reduced room prices for the attendees. This is the best evening car park deal for people who will approach Cabot Circus by road; at only three pounds, you enjoy free parking throughout the night as long as you get there after 5 PM.

Coal Kitchen: From 2nd February to 11th February enjoy up to a 20% discount on food and make your meal, even more satisfying are sure you will not miss any of the day as music party runs every year with no other hiccups.

Côte: Two weekends only from the 2nd to 11th February and book a table at Côte Quakers Friars, enjoy nostalgic flavors combined with your choice of free medium glass of wine with any main course.

Sickboy’s Optical Delusions: Submerge into Sickboy’s exhibition found in Second Floor Restaurant carrying the theme of lights, paintings, and sculptural reliefs within Comic Surrealism.

Cabot Circus is alexander not only a festival center

 It’s the shopping heaven with more than120 high-street and designer brands. Visit websites such as from the world-class places of Harvey Nichols to fashion-crazy shops in Zara, amongst others look for the best dispoption on dressing and beautification. Fuel up on other countries’ food, particularly in restaurants like Yo! Sushi and wagamama for those closer to home or enthusiasts can enjoy some entertainment at Showcase Cinema de Lux, Escape Hunt, or Jungle Rumble.

Regardless of whether you are driving, walking or cycling, taking taxis or in public transport getting to Cabot Circus would be a cakewalk. For detailed information refer to the Accessibility Guide which will make for the hassle-free visit. Save yourself the trouble and mental agony of having to stay on top of things by staying up-to-date with what’s happening in terms of news, events and promotions available through Cabot Circus news hub.

Do not let this memorable event pass by unnoticed – being a part of the magic performance at Cabot Circus during The Bristol Light Festival in 2014. Basking in the beauty of art and culture, including a lot of interesting things, will please you even many years later.


The Bristol Light Festival at Cabot Circus promises an enchanting experience for all. From the mesmerizing ‘Elysian’ by Atelier Sisu to family-friendly activities and discounted accommodations, Cabot Circus is not just a venue but a hub of magic and delight. With unique art exhibitions, culinary delights, and a vibrant shopping scene, this festival goes beyond a visual spectacle. Plan your visit, revel in the festivities, and create lasting memories in the heart of Bristol. Embrace the magic, explore the art, and let Cabot Circus be your shining destination during this extraordinary celebration.

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