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Explore 7 Engaging Examples of Explainer Videos: Our Favorites!

These days, watching explainer videos is one of the most engaging ways to learn. It’s likely that if you’re here, you already recognize how amazing these videos are for educating, entertaining, and selling to viewers. Look at some of the best examples available before making your own.

This article compiles 7 outstanding explainer video examples that show off the strength and adaptability of this engaging video format, ranging from startups to major corporations in the field.

What Characterises a Superb Explainer Video?

Many businesses adore using best explainer videos. They’re great for demonstrating a brand’s values and goals, so they’re not just for advertisements. They’re even used by major companies like Google and Microsoft! And what do you know? They’re becoming even more well-known. Why? since they are incredibly effective! They pique interest and assist more people in making purchases.

The term “explainer” refers to 2d animation services best explainer videos, which are essentially short, action-packed films. To ensure the success of your videotoonz motion graphic designer, make sure you have a clear objective, story, and call to action before you start. In addition, the cost of the explainer video is an additional consideration.

Our Choices for the Top 7 Animated Explainer Videos

Here is a list of some amazing explainer videos so you can see how other companies have created them and why they are among our top choices!

  1. Google

This Google explainer video is one of the better ones. Google Home is genuinely highlighted by the company’s product explainer animation. It’s a prime illustration of how to effectively showcase a product.

This is accomplished by the video’s use of straightforward but effective techniques, such as panning and zooming effects, lively music, and educational on-screen text. Together, these components bring attention to the features and advantages of the product without adding needless complexity.

  1. Cisco

In this animated explainer video, Cisco discusses the concept of a digital grid. They provide a straightforward explanation despite the fact that it may sound complicated. They act as though they are your tour guide, explaining how this problem-solving technique works. Cisco is very good at simplifying difficult ideas.

These kinds of explainer videos simplify complicated concepts into a fun and understandable narrative. The unique quality of Cisco’s video is its ability to transform learning into an exciting adventure.

  1. Slack

Among the many excellent explanation videos featuring animated characters, Slack’s explainer video is particularly noteworthy. This is an excellent illustration of how companies utilise these 2d animation services to inform consumers about products that may not be tangible.

However, this one stands out due to the way the brand’s colours are used all throughout. It’s simple to identify as a Slack video thanks to this deft use of colour, and it also helps you remember it. It’s a wise decision that increases its memorability and adds a further layer of appreciation.

  1. Spotify

A pivotal role in Spotify’s incredible growth trajectory was played by their animated explainer video. It was a component of a larger campaign that helped them grow dramatically, increasing the number of paid subscribers by an astounding 66% from 30 million to 50 million globally.

It demonstrated Spotify’s proficiency in developing motion identities and advertising campaigns with a broad appeal. The film demonstrated how Spotify’s tactics appeal to a wide range of consumers, which contributes to the enormous success of their campaigns.

  1. Microsoft

The animated explainer video from Microsoft explores the idea of a responsive and adaptable infrastructure for their cloud services. It draws attention to the common concerns of IT workers and the possible harm that security lapses could do to an organization’s bottom line.

Thankfully, the film highlights that Microsoft’s solution, working with the SHI team, can address these security flaws in a proactive manner. It’s one of the best animated explainer videos; it’s straightforward but powerful!

  1. PayPal

PayPal’s “people rule” television advertisements were accompanied by an explanation video. It cleverly combines live action and animation, evoking the feel of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” The humorous, upbeat country song in the video effectively and entertainingly reaffirms PayPal’s payment efficiency message.

PayPal’s core message is conveyed memorably and entertainingly through a unique blend of animation, live action, and catchy music, making it one of the best animated explainers out there.

  1. Technology Insider

The explainer video from Tech Insider succeeds by providing engaging content. The real star of the show is its captivating presentation, even though the animations and the use of the “Twilight Zone” font add fun. From the beginning, viewers are captivated, curious to learn the answers to geeky queries.

Because of how captivating the video is, viewers might even decide to stop mid-stream and Google “dumbo octopus.” It does a fantastic job of abiding by the most important guideline for fantastic explainer animations, which is to be fun.Best of Class Its success in providing captivating and engaging content is demonstrated by its capacity to captivate and pique curiosity from start to finish.

What Business Benefits Can Animated Explainer Videos Offer?

There are many benefits that animated explainer videos can provide for your company. The following are some advantages these videos offer:

  • Give a brief overview of the features and functions of your product.
  • Maintain brand consistency and improve relationships with customers
  • Show how to carry out procedures or processes with efficiency.
  • Bring your creative concepts to life with dynamic videotoonz motion graphics designer and excellent sound and music composition.
  • Let your clients make decisions more quickly.
  • Show how a product fits into realistic situations without seeming excessively promotional.


These animated explainer videos can all impart knowledge that will benefit your future work. Make a note of your top picks and begin producing an engaging explainer video to promote your good or service.

We can assist you in producing a polished explainer video if you need it. We provide a wide range of explainer video services, from 2D animation services to 3D and beyond. Please contact us to talk further.

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