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Unveiling the Paranormal: Premieres at Adelphi Theatre on Halloween “Do You Believe in Ghosts?”

The Thrilling Spectacle

This Halloween, prepare yourself for a spine-chilling experience as the new thriller “Do You Believe in Ghosts?” makes its West End debut at London’s historic Adelphi Theatre on October 31, On what is promised to be an unforgettable one-night only spectacular, this riveting event will captivate even the staunchest of atheists with its spine tingling stories and flesh creeping narratives that span more than just bells ring out.

Behind the Scenes

Producer James Taylor and renowned writer-director Julian Woolford are the brains behind this spine tingling production that is set to assure audiences of a theatrical encounter unlike any other ghost story. In ‘Do You Believe in Ghosts?’, Taylor claims, “Every theatre has at least one ghost – including the Adelphi. Be ready to have your hairs stand on ends and chill run down your spine… a frightening night of horror awaits you!”

From Ghosts to Murder: A Diverse West End Season

Entertainers have presented “Do You Believe in Ghosts?” from a thrilling season of plays at the Adelphi Theatre. This line up includes the premiere of “The Makings of a Murderer” an engrossing … Through Jack the Ripper, to terrifying “killer couples” Fred & Rose West and Ian Brady&Myra Hindley, this detective’s journey has never-ending adventures that will leave you breathless in a night at theatre.

Beyond the Music: A Theatrical Evolution

2023, Adelphi Theatre’s West End season marks the end of musical performances and the beginning of scripted theatre. “Do You Believe in Ghosts?” and “The Makings of Murderer” are set to open their grand West End, indicating the start of an exciting new breed of mind-altering shows that move past just music.

If You Want Your Passage into the Realm of Mysteries

For those who are brave enough to pursue the supernatural endeavor, tickets for “Do You Believe in Ghosts?” at Adelphi Theatre can be purchased today. Halloween night Join us and visit our mysterious evening that will send chills down your spine. Don’t miss this unparalleled theatrical experience!


With paranormal thrills and detective mysteries flooding the West End, “Do You Believe in Ghosts?” combined with “ The Makings of a Murderer” emerges as an exceptional production by making Adelphi Theatre become the hub for memorable as well various sorts theatre productions.



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