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GB News: A Commitment to Integrity and Diversity in Journalism

Regulating Excellence with Ofcom

GB News, a channel regulated by Ofcom, is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of journalistic integrity. The channel stands as a beacon committed to core values that shape its editorial policies, ensuring a commitment to unbiased reporting and adherence to industry regulations.

An Editorial Charter for Inclusivity

At the heart of GB News is an Editorial Charter that proudly represents the United Kingdom’s News Channel. Emphasizing inclusivity and balance in its coverage across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, GB News places all communities at the forefront of its reporting, tackling issues that matter beyond the nation’s metropolitan centers.

Transparent and Reliable Programming

GB News’ programming focuses on both the positive and challenging aspects of the nation. The channel pledges to present well-sourced, fact-checked information, ensuring that its coverage is accurate, transparent, and representative of diverse perspectives. In the event of errors, GB News is swift to acknowledge and correct, reinforcing its commitment to delivering reliable news.

Sensitivity in Addressing Controversy

Addressing controversial topics, GB News takes a sensitive approach, respecting privacy unless a compelling public interest prevails. The channel prides itself on maintaining the highest standards in data protection, legal matters, and ethics. This commitment extends to safeguarding the welfare of children, young people, and vulnerable adults, ensuring their voices are heard with dignity and protection from harm.

Disrupting Norms with Diverse Journalism

GB News stands as a disruptor in journalism, fostering diverse perspectives and challenging media conventions. The channel’s journalists are drawn from various backgrounds, steering away from ‘group think’ to approach stories differently and provide a fresh and innovative take on news coverage.

Audience-Centric Approach

With an audience-centric approach, GB News considers its audience an open forum based on trust and respect. The channel listens to its viewers, aiming to serve the nation by providing information and analysis that help individuals make informed choices. A transparent complaints process, swift issue resolution, and error correction underscore GB News’ commitment to accountability, ensuring it never loses sight of its audience-centric focus.

Join the News Revolution

GB News invites journalists to be part of this transformative journey. The channel is on the lookout for disruptors and innovators, urging them to contribute to changing the face of news and debate in the UK.

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