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How to extend the life of your power tools

Power tools play a pivotal role in any handyman’s toolkit. While they are costly investments, they help complete projects quickly and efficiently, making them worth every penny. 

As they are essential for all DIY enthusiasts, it’s important to look after your power tools to maximise value and increase longevity. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to extend the life of your power tools, ensuring they remain in tip-top condition. 

Cleaning and maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance will help keep your power tools functioning properly. Many of these tools can accumulate a buildup of dust and debris, affecting overall performance over time. 

Cutting tools may require cleaning after every use to avoid clogging the blades and, in turn, reduced cutting efficiency. 

To clean your power tools, you should always disconnect them from the power source first. Use a dry cloth or brush to clean and remove debris from various parts of your chosen tool. 

Battery care

Batteries are expensive to replace, meaning it’s incredibly important to try to keep them running as efficiently as possible. 

Lithium-ion batteries can be damaged by frequent exposure to excessive temperatures, so you should always store your Milwaukee Forge battery in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 

To avoid reducing your battery’s lifespan, try not to let it run completely down before recharging it. You shouldn’t overcharge it either, as batteries can only handle a certain amount of charges before replacement is required. 

Correct storage

While proper storage is crucial for batteries, it also applies to power tools. It can be tempting to leave your tools laid in the back of a van or the garage shelf, but they should always remain in a protective case or secure drawer.

Keeping them stored out of direct sunlight and moisture can prevent corrosion or rust forming. Protective cases can also prevent your tools from getting damaged, scratched, or broken during transportation. 

power tools


The moving parts on your power tools should be kept lubricated for optimum performance. This can help reduce the likelihood of rust forming, as well as keep the mechanics running smoothly at all times. 

You should always use a lubricant that is specifically recommended by the manufacturer of the chosen power tool. 

Regular checks

It’s always worth inspecting your power tools regularly to check for signs of wear and tear. If you notice any serious damage, you should either replace the affected part or the entire tool to ensure you always have a tool that’s safe to use and in good working condition.

Before and after use, always check for any cracks or dents in the body or blades of the tool. The smallest of cracks can compromise the entire structure of the tool, potentially making it dangerous to operate. 

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