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What is CLS timber and how to use it in your project?

Timber is an important material in the UK and is used for a whole host of indoor and outdoor projects. It’s believed that the UK uses around 12 to 14 million cubic metres of this material every year, proving just how popular it is. 

If you’re looking for a quality timber type for your next project, we believe CLS could be the perfect option. Our guide will tell you more about it, its benefits and how it can be used. Continue reading to find out more. 

What is CLS timber?

Canadian Lumber Standard (CLS) timber is a quality option that many tradespeople trust. As the name suggests, this timber originates from Canada but CLS is more about its standard and finish. Not only is CLS timber graded, but it’s also planed and treated for unrivalled reliability wherever it’s used. 

So, whether you need to buy CLS timber for an indoor or outdoor project, you can depend on it for longevity and a top-notch finish.

What are the advantages of CLS timber? 

With this material being high quality, you can expect plenty of benefits if you use it, including: 

Strength and durability

This is made using a special softwood material like spruce or pine. Before it’s available to buy, it’s kiln-dried and treated to enhance its durability and strength. 

Treated timber is a must if you’re using it for outdoor projects like fencing. This is because it protects it from wood-boring insects, rot, mould and algae.

Available in a range of sizes 

No project is too big or small for CLS timber as it can be easily cut to the right size. It’s known to be easy to transport too, so you can get large and small CLS timber to your worksite without too much fuss.

CLS timber

Easy and safe to work with 

It’s typically known to be easy and safe to work with, making it a popular choice in the trades. Industries like construction suffer from many workplace injuries, so using materials that don’t put staff members at risk is a must. 

What are the disadvantages of CLS timber? 

There are some disadvantages with this material, but they shouldn’t typically be a problem if you pick the right timber. These negatives include:

  • Untreated timber won’t fair well outside 
  • While it is strong and durable, it does have its limitations and may not be able to take huge loads

What can CLS timber be used for? 

As mentioned, there are plenty of uses for CLS timber. Some of the most common ones that you’ll see include: 

  • Constructing timber frame homes 
  • Interior framing to create internal walls or doorways 
  • Outdoor projects like fencing

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