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Unveiling the Laughter Elysium: A Night at Top Secret Comedy Club

Introduction: A Laughter Oasis in Central London

Prepare for a night of unparalleled laughter as KCLSU Events cordially invites you to the Top Secret Comedy Club. With an MC and four fresh acts gracing the stage, all at the enticing price of £4.50, this promises to be a comedy extravaganza like no other. Rated as the best comedy club in London by Trip Advisor, Top Secret is not just a venue; it’s a comedic haven complete with cheap drinks and the added bonus of a ping pong table. Get ready for a night of #Winning!

The Maestros of Mirth: A Lineup Beyond Compare

Ed Patrick: The Healing Humorist

Leicester Mercury Comedian of The Year finalist in 2016 and Paramount Funniest Student Finalist, Ed Patrick wears two hats – that of a comedian and a junior doctor. His much-anticipated Edinburgh Fringe debut, “Junior Optimist,” delves into his firsthand experiences, challenges, and occasional blind panic while working for the beloved yet troubled NHS. Bruce Dessau recommends, “If I were him, I’d quit medicine and do stand-up.”

Emmanuel: A Stand-Up Revelation

Russell Kane heralds Emmanuel as a rising star in the world of stand-up, with a knack for wittiness that ensures an evening filled with laughter. As the door of Stand-Up swings open, Emmanuel’s name is not just down; it’s etched in the comedy hall of fame.

Tom Elwes: Navigating Chaos Through Comedy

A standout on the comedy circuit, Tom Elwes, a lifelong Londoner, breaks through with a unique blend of storytelling and acute observations. His comedic lens provides clarity in the chaos of existence, promising an engaging performance that goes beyond mere laughs.

Rory O Hanlon: Dublin’s Comedy Ambassador

Originating in Dublin, Rory O’Hanlon’s observational comedic approach has immediately won over audiences in Ireland and the UK. Rory’s comic abilities are boundless, taking him from the world-famous comedy basement to venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh. He has been a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe for the past three years as a performer and emcee.

Conditions: Guaranteeing a Smooth Experience

  • Event Timeline: Doors open at 7:30 pm, and the laughter spectacle commences at 8:15 pm.
  • Ticketing: Secure your spot by pre-purchasing tickets online. An email confirmation must be presented at the door for entry.
  • Age Verification: As an R18 venue, students are required to provide proof of age identification.
  • Refreshments: At your own expense, savor a variety of food and beverages, such as pizza upstairs and bar snacks at the venue.
  • No Refunds: After a ticket purchase, none are given back. The programme has to continue!
  • Content Disclaimer: Stand-up comedy is inherently controversial. KCLSU disclaims responsibility for the content of the show, as comedians perform on a rotating basis, making it challenging to vet them for sensitive material. Attend at your own discretion.
  • Accessibility: If mobility is a concern, contact shannon.honeyfield@kclsu.org before purchasing tickets.


Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into the laughter-filled abyss of Top Secret Comedy Club. This is going to be more than simply a joke night, with an unmatched roster and a setting that guarantees more than just laughs. Seize your tickets, get ready for an evening filled with unrestrained laughter, and lose yourself in the comic genius of these masters. It’s an experience, not simply a joke. See you when I get there!

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